Company BM SERVICES, s.r.o. focusing its activity on projects, delivery and service of generating sets and combustion engines, operating on diesel, heavy fuel, gas or their combination, including their accessory equipment and spare parts. Spare parts and accessory equipment are produced according to original technical documentation, bought from BEZ MOTORY, a.s. company (formerly ČKD Motory and ČKD Hradec Králové before).
Company BM SERVICES, s.r.o. is accordingly only legal owner of technical documentation of engines, produced by factory in Hradec Králové. Service work is focusing not only on proved domestic engines marks Slavia, Škoda and ČKD, but on engines of another world producers of diesel engines and equipment as well.
As a new activity company started recently production and lending of winding-up containers Avia and Abroll types.