Assembly, service and operation of electric aggregates with diesel engines in the Czech Republic and abroad, including:

  • small repair, medium repair and capital repair of engines working on liquid and gas fuel
  • repair of machine – rooms equipment, including repair of electric equipment
  • measurement of engine parameters and their parts, including issue of appropriate documents
  • realization of complete conversions of engines for using lower quality and heavy fuel.

Spare parts

  • production and selling of original spare parts for combustion engines, generating sets and ship engines, producing with a trademarks Škoda and ČKD
  • fully for engines 12C28 (12C28GSD; 12C28GSH; 12C28GSW) and 6C38 (6C38GSH)
  • partially for engines:

 S 110 (2S110, 3S110; 4S110; 6S110),

 S 150 (6S150 PV, 6L150 PV; 12V 150 PV),

 S 160 (4,6,8 S160; 4,6 L 160; 6S160 PN; 6L160 PN; 4,6 SB 160),

 6S275 (6S275, S275PN), 6L275 - Change of technical documentation - Change of instruction for maintenance

 6-27,5A (4-27,5 A0S; 6-27,5 A0S; 6-27,5 A2S; 6-27,5 A4S; 4-27,5 A0L),

 6-27,5 A0L; 6-27,5 A2L; 6-27,5 A4 L,R; 12V27,5 A4L,  - Change of technical documentation - Change of instruction for maintenance

 8DR 43/61 - V1,

 6-TsR 52,5/72; 6-TvR 52,5/72,

 6S350PN, 6L350PN, 

 9Ts35/50-2, 9TsR 35/50-2, 

 6-38 A4R DRA V; 6-38 A6S,

 6-27,5 B8 S,L; 8-27,5 B8 S,L; 12V 27,5 B8 S,L; 6-27,5 B8 D; 6-27,5 B8 G 

  • technical consulting service concerning usability of spare parts and assessment of necessary spare parts for separate types of engines, generating sets and ship engines
  • sets for engine conversion and accessories for operating on lower quality fuel (other fuel, combination of fuels)


  • assembly, service and testing of machinery
  • production of welded parts including production of pipe lines and their assembly.

Technical works

  • technical consultations in the field of diesel engines working with heavy fuel, diesel, gas, dual engines
  • checking of usability of lower quality fuel and determination of operation parameters
  • document processing for conversion of engines and machine rooms for using of lower quality fuel
  • technical consultations in the field of electric equipment of generating sets
  • design work in the field of machinery, using the Pro/ENGINEER system